Welcome to Little Gems Yoga! Here you will find the focus is on the benefits that Simple
Yoga can bring to women and their babies during Pregnancy, Birth and Afterwards.

For more information on our current one to one pregnancy yoga and active birth, simply click here.

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The Yoga in our classes and DVDs is especially modified to give maximum benefit for pregnant and postnatal women, providing simple but effective yoga practices.

Our simple yoga will prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for labour, birth and beyond. LITTLE GEMS YOGA DVDs are easy to follow and enable pregnant and postnatal women to work safely with the YOGA even if you have never done yoga before.

Little Gems Yoga Productions has created 3 home practice simple Yoga DVDs
uniquely for 3 very important life stages: Pregnancy, Birth and Afterwards.  These DVDs and our classes are suitable for beginners.


simple YOGA
3 in 1 collection set

simple YOGA
for Labour & Birth

simple YOGA
for Pregnancy

simple Postnatal


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