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"Little Gems have produced a very usable, worthwhile DVD for those who can't make it to a class or want to continue once their Postnatal yoga course has finished. The DVD has a kind of home, almost intimate feel, making the yoga feel quite achievable. Marion and Eryl have an incredibly relaxing tone, and even watching the DVD through first before doing it is a very calming experience!

The exercises themselves are well explained, there is no pressure to push yourself and in fact there is nothing on the DVD that would seem too difficult for most postnatal women. Most beneficial for me were the all fours and standing poses. They were the ones that seemed to get right to the tensed-up areas. The relaxation section is very gentle, and I found it quite an emotional experience, perhaps because proper relaxation is such a luxury for me now, and there is little time in my everyday life with 71/2 month twins, to stop and think about me.


"I found this DVD so helpful- every time I did it I wished I could do it every day, but as I have just had my fourth child it was hard to find the time.

I really like the presentation of the DVD. There are beautiful and simple illustrations at the beginning of each section. The exercises are done in a bright room with natural calming colours with lovely shots of gorgeous babies. Their mummies look like normal women you can relate to.

This DVD showed me how to move safely and without straining. The stretches enabled me to open my chest and reduce tension in my back and shoulders which usually follows hours of breast feeding, carrying and lifting. My lower back felt so released after the 'moving twist' and 'bridge' poses. I found the postures such as 'semi-squat' gave me much needed strength in my legs. The section on the pelvic floor was well explained with helpful visualisations. There were many suggestions of exercises that could be done at any time-for me it was very useful to know exercises give that I could squeeze into my day.

Very beneficial too is the guided relaxing section at the end - the breathing visualisations formed good strategies for coping with stress and exhaustion and again could be used in every day life. The feeling of confidence, balance and grounding the exercises help you feel as if you have some control over a life thrown into chaos.

This DVD is ideal for the first few months after giving birth and helps the new mother recharge and rediscover her body. It is also a good introduction for those wishing to move on to other forms of Yoga.


"I found I used the DVD most in the first four months after my daughter, Anna, was born when I spent more time 'sofa-bound' breastfeeding etc. It was good to do the relaxation and some of the exercises during that time, many of which you can do in a sitting position.

The presentation of the DVD is excellent. Marion and Eryl explain the exercises in an easy to follow format. They both have a very calming, sympathetic manner. Their comments about adjusting to motherhood are constructive. The visualisation at the end of the DVD is lovely. It is a great way to alleviate stress from caring for a young baby. I also found Anna is a big fan of the DVD!

I have already recommended this DVD to many new mums and look forward to the follow up being released!

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