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“This 'Simple Yoga for Labour and Birth' DVD
is the perfect rehearsal for a harmonious active
birth.It allows mothers increased awareness
of the new life they have created and to enjoy
gentle movements, breathing and relaxation
with their unborn baby.

It gives strength, confidence and inspiration to
cope with the big event as it unfolds..."
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"As an antenatal yoga teacher, I have long
been looking for a DVD that my pregnant
students can use to practise at home in safety
and, at last, I have found one that I would highly recommend..." Read more

Wendy Haring, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher
and Diploma Course Tutor, Integrated Yoga
Therapy (USA) Tutor, Yoga for Pregnancy teacher

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"The dreamy, soothing relaxation session at
the end of this DVD is enough in itself to make
it worthy of recommendation. .." Read more

Jilly Rosser, midwife and yoga teacher

" I enjoyed listening to the mums' comments at the end of the DVD. Highly recommended, this DVD pushes all the right buttons. Would it had been around when I had my babies! " Read more

Gina Arnold, N. Hants County BWY rep

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"Overall the moves are well explained and demonstrated by pregnant women. The pace
was good and it tells you how to breathe
properly through all the moves, as well as
giving you all the safety precautions you need.
It's a very relaxing, calming sort of yoga and it
felt like a proper lesson..." Read more

Claire Hawkins, 18 weeks pregnant

Department of Health

"The DVD is of excellent quality. The fact that it
is divided into sections will allow women to dip in
and out depending on their needs.

I think the DVD is an excellent addition to the information currently available for women who
are interested in yoga based preparation for childbirth. "

Catherine McCormick, Midwifery Advisor

Anne Vestergard 

" would imagine that a lot of pregnant mums
would welcome the relaxing atmosphere the
DVD creates, even if they are not used to
practising yoga. I particularly like the emphasis made on time to enjoy the pregnancy and on
being pregnant and being given permission to
do so... " Read more

Anne Vestergard, MCSP, Physiotherapist in women's health


the Journal of the British Wheel of Yoga

" The aims of the DVD are: Assist physical recovery after birth: Help cope emotionally with the varying demands of motherhood; Teach relaxation strategies. I am pleased to say this DVD does deliver! "
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Geraldine Norris


Francoise Barbira Freedman
Founder of Birthlight

"This DVD is indeed a little gem. Careful instructions on how to apply deep breathing makes these easy and safe postnatal yoga stretches most effective in energising new mothers from within.Whether as an introduction to Yoga or as a foundation to resume yoga after having a baby, the genuine simplicity of the practice presented by Marion Symes and Eryl Holt talks to the heart....and babies listen too."

Midwifery Digest
"Little Gems have produced a very usable, worthwhile DVD for those who can't make it to a class or want to continue once their Postnatal yoga course has finished. The DVD has a kind of home, almost intimate feel, making the yoga feel quite achievable.   Marion and Eryl have an incredibly relaxing tone, and even watching the DVD through first before doing it is a very calming experience"
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Reviews by three mums - Sharon, Emma & Susie

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