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The aims of the DVD are: Assist physical recovery after birth: Help cope emotionally with the varying demands of motherhood; Teach relaxation strategies. I am pleased to say this DVD does deliver!

It is refreshing to see 'real' women, some with their babies, practising the postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Precautions and modifications are given throughout the DVD, with the whole programme being about 'self nurture' and relaxation. It is ideal for a complete newcomer to yoga, or those more experienced who want to gently ease themselves back into the physical aspect of yoga. Speaking from experience, it is even gentle enough for those mums who have had a caesarean section.

It provides good practical advice on those trouble spots eg pelvic floor, tension in between the shoulders, lower back pain, etc. The emotional aspect explains the importance of acknowledging those negative thoughts as well as the positive ones.

The whole thing is beautifully filmed and presented. It is ideal for those new mums not able to find a class or those without a baby-sitter.

I am a mum of a 17 month old son, a yoga teacher and who has completed the the BWY Pregnancy Yoga Module.

Geraldine Norris

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