Emma Mitchell
  Author of a weekly natural health column called 'Ask Emma'
  in the Guardian Weekend.

This 'Simple Yoga for Labour and Birth' DVD is the perfect rehearsal for a harmonious active birth. It allows mothers increased awareness of the new life they have created and to enjoy gentle movements, breathing and relaxation with their unborn baby. It gives strength, confidence and inspiration to cope with the big event as it unfolds.

You are gently guided through the stages of labour, enabling you to feel prepared, supple and strong for the birth. Breathing becomes a familiar tool - and can become your focus during contractions, dispersing tension and fear. Stretches and gentle sequences give strength, grounding and space for your internal organs and baby. You learn to move your body in response to its needs - making labour as comfortable as possible. Visualisation enables awareness of your gradually opening body and helps you imagine the baby making its momentous journey into the world. Relaxation sequences teach you to snatch a nourishing rest in a calm moment and to create energy in the busy days ahead.

This DVD is a lovely opportunity to nourish your developing body through exercise, breathing, relaxation and visualisation, enjoy communication with your growing baby while giving confidence and inspiration for the birth.

Yoga with Marion Symes has enabled me to bring four children into the world naturally and harmoniously - she showed me that birth needs not to be feared nor traumatic - and I remember all my births as most joyful and special moments in my life.


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